Push2Move / Tow2Move
26. September 2019
25. September 2019


The LightLiner is the "cruiser" of our baggage cart range. Covering long distances, e.g. during cart retrieval, is its speciality. Thanks to EXPRESSO's ingenious “Winglet” brake release system, the last cart pushed into the rear of a nested train releases the parking brake of the cart in front – whereby all the cart wheels remain on the ground. This guarantees precise tracking and a minimum curve radius. However, its main advantages come to bear in tight spaces and narrow passages.
  • An extremely tight turning radius (nested) of only 2,5 m makes it particularly suitable for use in confined spaces
  • Ideally suited for towing, pushing, and manoeuvering as a nested train over large distances with a tug or pusher vehicle
  • Easy traversing of obstacles (e.g. kerbs and steps)
  • Extra large castor yoke absorbs shock loads
  • Angled load platform ensures secure transport of baggage on inclines


With extremely tight turning radius.

Technical data (Cart)

Technical data (Basket & wheels)

1Load capacity, weight and material
Load capacity 300 kg

Weight type 8 924 71 (Aluminium F35) 15,0 kg
Weight type 8 926 71 (Stainless steel V2A (1.4301)) 21,0 kg
Height 1.100 mm
Width 640 mm
3Length and nested distance
Lenght 1.040 mm
Nested distance 265 mm
1Dimensions of basket and advertising panel
Basket 510 x 212 x 161 mm
Large advertising panel 500 x 400 mm
2Dimensions and material of the wheels
Wheel diameter (rear wheels) Ø 180 mm
Wheel diameter (front wheel) Ø 160 mm
Wheels: Two-component wheels (Rim: PA 6)

Main features