Castor wheel housing
27. April 2021
Compact Mark VI
26. November 2020


The "classic“ baggage carts Compact Mark V and Mark VI feature modern design and utmost manoeuvrability, particularly in a nested train. Thanks to EXPRESSO's lifting mechanism for the rear wheels, which has proved its reliability for decades, entire nested trains can be moved sideways easily or rotated on the spot. Extremely long service life and robustness underline the cost effectiveness of the Compact versions. Moreover, all versions are fitted with EXPRESSO's “Long Life” brake system that ensures maximum safety and minimum maintenance costs.

The Compact "classics" are available in two design versions:

- Compact Mark V: short uprights, and push handle angled upwards
- Compact Mark VI: long uprights, and push handle angled downwards
  • Compact construction
  • Three smooth-running wheels for utmost manoeuvrability in tight spacesr
  • Safe handling of nested baggage cart trains
  • High loading capacity
  • Easy traversing of obstacles (e.g. kerbs and steps)
  • Extra large castor yoke absorbs shock loads
  • Wheel guards prevent the baggage becoming soiled
  • Angled load platform ensures secure transport of baggage on inclines


Short uprights, and push handle angled upwards.

Technical data (Cart)

Technical data (Basket & wheels)

1Load capacity, weight and material
Load capacity (all versions)) 300 kg

Weight type 8 927 571 (short version) 15,5 kg
Weight type 8 977 571 (long version) 16,2 kg
Weight type 8 937 571 (short version) 21,0 kg
Weight type 8 967 571 (long version) 22,0 kg
Weight type 8 963 571 (short version) 22,5 kg
Weight type 8 988 571 (long version) 23,6 k
Height 1.010 mm
Width 640 mm
3Length and nested distance
Length 900 mm (short versions), 1.030 mm (long versions)
Nested distance 265 mm
1Dimensions of basket and advertising panel
Basket 465 x 232 x 201 mm
Large advertising panel 500 x 400 mm
2Dimensions and material of the wheels
Wheel diameter Ø 180 mm
Rim: PA 6
Wheels: Two-component wheels

Main features